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Run For Gold!
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kicking childhood cancer logo September 2, 2013 Labor Day at Fowler Park Come out on Labor Day and run for a purpose!
Fowler Park, Cumming GA
Cancer claims the lives of more children each year than AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis and diabetes combined. It is the leading cause of death by disease in children and adolescents. Each year in the United States, approximately 12,400 children and adolescents younger than 20 years of age are diagnosed with cancer. Approximately 2,300 children and adolescents die of cancer each year. About one in 500 young adults is a childhood cancer survivor. Nearly 2/3 of the survivors later experience significant and chronic medical problems or develop secondary cancers as adults that result from the treatment of their original cancer.

Researchers estimate that 51% of moms and 40% of dads who have a child with cancer meet the criteria for “Acute Stress Disorder” within two weeks of the cancer diagnoses. Because God Said is called to help families through prayer, grants, fundraisers and Horsey Housecalls.
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BecauseGodSaid.orgFor more information on Because God Said please contact us at 
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